Monday, September 20, 2010

"Cmon, let's get the ball rollin'!"

OK, OK, I know I haven't been taking care of this blog very well since I created it, but I promise soon I will be making some necessary changes. Like adding a header and mixing up the themes. I don't have much time right now to make a solid post, but I will leave you all with something to at least get the gears turning.

Colin Powell: has he been funding our illegal immigrant trade from the south? Recently he had stated that illegal immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants, have worked in and around his home, and they've done good work! Powell says illegal immigrants provide a strong force in our current and past economy, and are fueling it.

Personally, I think immigrants should be able to get by in our country without having to slow the system down for the rest of us. If that means special programs to teach them English, or additional language sections on our instruction booklets, or what have you, let it be. I believe that once this nation gears up and starts moving more fluently without having such an economic distress, we will soon see that America is one big pie, and everyone from every nation, speaking every language, practicing every religion gets an equal share. This of course means born residents get a smaller share than they have now, but it means everyone gets and equal share to opportunities and offers. Try not to confuse that with communism, it's not the same idea.

Well guys I know it's not much, but I'd like more than anything your feedback or comments on immigration and Mr. Powell's statements.

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  1. Isn't being ethnically diverse a good thing!?

  2. we indeed need to get the ball rolling! =D

  3. I don't see a problem with him having Mexicans, weather illegal or not working in his home.

    If anybody can get any type of service done for a cheaper price, wouldn't they?

  4. I wished this could be done ._.

  5. @sweetas
    That's the message I was taught.

    There's the spirit. ;)

    Considering they're breaking our laws before they even enter our workforce upsets me. But you're right, America is founded on the belief that competition will put America in the future, which is mostly true. The American mindset is if you can get it cheaper, then why not? I just wish they payed taxes like everyone else.

    it could... it could.

  6. This blog has quite the following!

  7. thanks steve, ill roll ur balls all night

  8. Not sure if Canada has the same problem. I think most of our illegal immigrants are Asian.

  9. Good theory man, I guess if you live here long enough you should make at least some effort to learn the language.

    BTW get rid of the captcha, I thought I posted earlier but clicked away.

  10. Inflation is the problem with ever-cheaper labor. Human inflation is bad for humanity, so where does that leave us with a growing population and global businesses?

    Anyway, thank you for the add and the comment Steve.

  11. hahaha I think texans would take some serious offense to having the North Korean flag on their state

  12. Having some form of integration into American culture seems to be a good idea.

  13. "Try not to confuse that with communism, it's not the same idea." Good that you had that because I was about to argue!


  14. haha nice post and I love your background!

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  16. @david
    Do they work well in society? How do Canadians see it?

    America is very systemized. Granted illegals usually bust their ass off working, they still don't always follow our social rules which is annoying.

    Inflation is just a way for people who sell things, to bump their product up a class level. In the future our good vehilces are going to cost double what they do now, but on the bright side we will also see a lot of the new cars now in used bins and auctions.

    Shit's gonna really change.

    I guess, I mean in all reality America is an incredibly diverse place. Just some of the people that'd been here for a few generations don't like outsiders.

    lol well you can argue all you like. It's hard to talk politics without arguing anyway.

    I thought it served justice.