Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reps, but no repetitions.

Watching Rep. Burgess from Texas right now. If Hank Hill had a brother, it's this guy. I speak into microphones, and microphone excessories. Lol but really this guy seems like a good guy, I approve of him. He seems a little inpatient with Obamacare, he's upset because everything hasn't gone super smoothly yet, as if there weren't going to be complications with health reform. And god knows were gonna need it, have you seen some of these fat bastards coming out of MickyDs. Those kids can't live that life forever. In my lifetime, there will be a massive surplus of cardiac arrest patients. One, two, three heart attacks. Triple wide wheel chairs, doublewide airplane seats.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A snip from Yahoo News

"Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked an effort by Democrats and the White House to lift the ban on gays from serving openly in the military, voting unanimously against advancing a major defense policy bill that included the provision."

This is not surprising new is it? Any time it comes to pro-choice matter, with gays, colored people, or people of other religion, Republics tend to shut it down as quickly as possible. I'm not heavily religious, but I beleive in some kind of higher power. I have my own ideas which I'm sure are nothing like your ideas. A friend of mine puts it like this, "I cannot explain it, but I cannot deny it", and I think it's a great way of worming out of religious conversation with people. And when it comes to someone's sexuality, I really don't have any interest. Weather you're gay, straight, or multi-sexual, I couldn't care less. As long as you don't show me your pecker, I will treat you the same as I treat everyone else.

I have a mindset, a theory that I follow as closely as I can. Our government, and most religions, especially Christianity teach that everyone is created equal. Every man, woman, black or white, holy or non-holy, is created equal. And if to say someone is born equal to you, then you must assume that is is possible for everyone to die equally too. And if everyone can die equally, then you must assume that everyone in the present time is of equal standing, always. If you assume anything less, you are belittling people, and putting yourself higher, as a bigot. If you raise someone above you, then are giving them a platform for walking on. You are not raising them up, you're putting yourself down. Therefore, whenever I meet with people in real life, I always, always consider them my equal, no matter what. (Not equal with skill, but equal with humanity value)

But now I have a real question: why do republicans/conservatives feel like people who prefer sexy time with the same gender are less than them? Why do they feel like they are better, or more important than someone who is different than them? Isn't this a reoccurring theme with this certain group of people?

Please, I don't mean to sound like an attacker. I'm definitely curious of a response. Is it homophobia? Is it bigotry? Is it simply against your "beliefs"?

The way I see it, a fag can take a bullet just like anyone else.

"Democrats included the repeal provision in a $726 billion defense policy bill, which authorizes a pay raise for the troops among other popular programs. "

In otherwords, there are people in our military with special programs, such as training, leadership camp, work forces, groups, whatever that need money, and they are reeeeally close to getting it, but because of the block on the gay rights bill, this $700Billion asset will not reach the groups. And here I thought Republican were all for more money to the military?

"A Nevada Democrat in a tight race of his own this fall, he also pledged to use the defense bill as a vehicle for an immigration proposal that would enable young people to qualify for U.S. citizenship if they joined the military."

They are talking about the Dream ACT. This would allow kids of immigrant status to gain full citizenship if they agree to join the military, and have been following a few ceertain guidelines, like been here most of their life, never been federally prosecuted, have a high school diploma; kinds of things that any regular American kid has done.

Here's a link to my buddies page who knows a lot more about the Dream ACT. He could really use some support right now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Cmon, let's get the ball rollin'!"

OK, OK, I know I haven't been taking care of this blog very well since I created it, but I promise soon I will be making some necessary changes. Like adding a header and mixing up the themes. I don't have much time right now to make a solid post, but I will leave you all with something to at least get the gears turning.

Colin Powell: has he been funding our illegal immigrant trade from the south? Recently he had stated that illegal immigrants, specifically Mexican immigrants, have worked in and around his home, and they've done good work! Powell says illegal immigrants provide a strong force in our current and past economy, and are fueling it.

Personally, I think immigrants should be able to get by in our country without having to slow the system down for the rest of us. If that means special programs to teach them English, or additional language sections on our instruction booklets, or what have you, let it be. I believe that once this nation gears up and starts moving more fluently without having such an economic distress, we will soon see that America is one big pie, and everyone from every nation, speaking every language, practicing every religion gets an equal share. This of course means born residents get a smaller share than they have now, but it means everyone gets and equal share to opportunities and offers. Try not to confuse that with communism, it's not the same idea.

Well guys I know it's not much, but I'd like more than anything your feedback or comments on immigration and Mr. Powell's statements.

Thank you,